New Seminar room opening spring 2021...


Please contact me for available spaces and price.


Confirmed dates:

April 8th Part 1 via Zoom: Preparation for Competition for grades 1-2 covering pre-event, the week before and on the day: organisation, what's involved in entering, how to be the best you can be on the day, routines, warm up and cool down.

April 16th Part 2 of the above event at 2pm or 6pm, you can choose which session: In person course running event at the arena for agility and paddock for the jumping course; very simplistic courses in order to rehearse rountines, walk and run courses with others there. Reward contacts, weaves and sequences as you wish. Limited to 6 per group.

April 17th from 1pm KC Measuring with Donna Lewis and Wendy Gilpin 


May 31st Bank Holiday Monday course running event for grades 1-3 This will be suitable for dogs who are ready to compete or are already competing. Dogs must be able to complete all obstacles to attend. All grades welcome for training purposes, course set at grades 1-3. Arena for the agility and paddock for the jumping course.


October 1st, November 12th, December 3rd: Canine Conditioning 3 day course plus stand alone workshops with Iain McDonald


Coming soon...

Scentwork classes & workshops

Canine First Aid Course - practical

Goal Setting

Warm-ups and cool downs

Trick training

Visiting Trainers

Paint Your Own Dog


Pizza/Fish & Chips night

Christmas get together for members