Meet me...

I'm Emma Conlisk and I have a lifetime's background in teaching.
I competed in showjumping and cross-country for many years until I became bitten by the agility bug! I have been competing in agility since 2002, although as a child always had a collie and used to run her over the jumps in the field and over canes in the garden. I remember first seeing dog agility on TV in the 80's and thinking 'I'd love to do that!'

I am a fully qualified primary school teacher and until 2016 taught in our local village school
I have taught a range of adults within school and mentored new teachers and students training to become teachers of the future so I am very used to helping people and move them on with their learning. I have also worked with the local authority in developing training materials for teachers in several subject areas. I have spoken at conferences about how teaching needs to address the learning styles of everyone, in particular boys, and the relevance of excellent motivational teaching in order to fully engage everyone within the lesson.

I now teach and coach agility and Scentwork full time. I have very clear and detailed knowledge of what consitutes good, positive teaching (and what doesn't!) I develop training programmes so that students can see what they are learning, how it relates to what they need to work on and how it fits into the wider picture of how it will help them develop in the long term. 

I am a fully qualified Agility1st Instructor (specific training in agility instruction) and have been involved in developing the training programme for future instructors. I am also a qualified CHUK hoopers instructor. I completed the WSDA Scent trainers course and am a qualified SWUK judge, L1-8, and trials manager. 

Scentwork UK trials are held here and are something to work towards with your dog.  

Nosework Games competitions are also held here, they're a fabulous way to build skills useful in all Scent training and competitions. 

I currently have two dogs training and competing in agility. Danny is my current intermediate height competing dog and works at grade 7, he has the best drive and enthusiasm for agility. He also competes at level 8 in Scentwork. Rupert is my young cocker spaniel who is currently working on foundation skills and beginning jump grids. He may be in the ring this summer!


I am lucky to also have a small spaniel, Smartie. He is retired from agility as he has elbow disease but is still able to train and compete in Scentwork which he loves and is really excels!  

I spend a lot of time training my dogs with the best coaches so that I am fully up to date with current handling techniques and trends. I consider myself lucky to have access to excellent facilities and coaching to help me be the best that I can be and likewise aim to provide the same for my students here... 

I'm a great believer in training in the ring so that the dog isn't put off and doesn't lose confidence and speed by competing too early. Smartie has been along to local, well run independent shows where he could run 'not for competition' NFC (practice runs) to gain confidence before starting competing properly. His first shows won him up from grade 2 to grade 4. He is a real thinker and tries really hard to get everything right. I've had a lot of fun working a different breed and have learnt a lot from him already.


Here he is with some of his trophies and 1st place rosettes from one of his first shows at grade 2!



Milo (1999 - November 2014) our gorgeous boy! 

Bear in the weaves, looking where to go next!