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Meet me...

I'm Emma Conlisk and I have a background in teaching.
I competed in showjumping and cross-country for many years until I became bitten by the agility bug! I have been competing in agility since 2003, although as a child always had a collie and used to run her over the jumps in the field and over canes in the garden. I remember first seeing dog agility on tv in the 80's and thinking I'd love to do that!
I am a fully qualified primary school teacher and until recently taught in our local village school, I have recently retired from that and now teach dog agility full time. I have very clear and detailed knowledge of what consitutes good, positive teaching (and what doesn't!) I develop training programmes so that students can see what they are learning, how it relates to what they need to work on and how it fits into the wider picture of how it will help them develop in the long term. I am fully CRB checked. I have taught a range of adults within school and mentored new teachers and students training to become teachers of the future. I have also worked with the local authority in developing training materials for teachers.

I am a fully qualified Agility1st Instructor (specific training in agility instruction) and have recently been involved in developing the training programme for future instructors.


I currently have three border collies, having lost my gorgeous first agility dog, Milo, to rainbow Bridge in November 2014 aged 15 and beautiful Bear to a brain tumour in February 2016. Betsy still has the most amazing drive to work and learn new things, she worked up to grade 7 (the UK's highest grade) and has now retired from competition, much to her disgust! She loves diving into the moat and certainly rules the roost at home! Libby came next and loves to jump and occasionally work with youngsters to show them how it's done properly. Danny is our newest addition and is now having a great time competing. He won up to grade 6 recently and will spend 2017 consolidating his understanding of working consistently in the ring. I'm a great believer in training in the ring so that the dog isn't put off and doesn't lose confidence and speed by competing too early. Danny went along to some UKA and local well run independent shows where he could run 'not for competition, NFC' (practice runs) to gain confidence before starting competing properly.


Milo (1999 - November 2014) our gorgeous boy! 

Bear in the weaves, looking where to go next! 

Makeitso Danny Boy 'Danny' our new addition. Danny is from Jeff and Ava Holloway and was born on July 20th 2013. He came to join our family in September 2013 and is now working at grade 7, the UK's highest level. 

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