Beancroft Agility

Develop the relationship you have with your dog, keep fit and have fun!

To find out more about agility lessons please contact

Emma by email: 

Please note that I do not answer the phone when teaching so early evening is never a good time to ring. Email is the best way to contact me.

Spaces are occasionally available if you have done some agility trianing elsewhere or if you are already competing. Please get in touch to find out about the possibility of a space!



I will run a 'Foundation to Agility' weekend in January 2019 and will mail everyone who has contacted me since my last intake, January 2017, with further details. This Foundation weekend will introduce both you and your dog to the key elements of starting out in agility. There will a training session on Saturday and Sunday and you would need to be able to attend both. Follow up workshops will continue monthly until April when the weather improves for those who would like to do more. The dates for these are:

January 19th-20th

February 16th-17th

March 9th-10th

April 6th

Once we get into spring further options will be available depending on availability:

  • weekly group lessons
  • regular 1:2:1 lessons (also available throughout each month depending on availability)
  • monthly workshops
  • alternative agility training provider 

This will depend on my ability to fit new groups within the current teaching schedule.

If your dog can't concentrate on working with you or stuggles to come back to you when he or she wants to do something else, then you're not ready to start agility yet. Please work on your basic obedience first. I can recommend Parkside Dog training in Ampthill and Prohound Dog Training for your initial obedience work, both of which are local.

Alternatively you might like to book some private lessons if you have already done a bit of agility before, or are already competing in agility and I can slot you in to an exisiting group as and when a space becomes available.

Danny competing in his first season, aged 18 months. He is very focussed and loves playing with his toys as a reward but also loves his special treats too!


You can take your dog for a swim in the moat on nice days...  

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