To find out more about agility lessons please contact:

Emma by email: emmaconlisk@icloud.com 

Email is the best way to contact me.

Spaces are VERY occasionally available if you have done some agility training elsewhere or if you are already competing. Please get in touch to find out about the possibility of a space!

If your dog can't concentrate on working with you or stuggles to come back to you when he or she wants to do something else, then you're not ready to start agility yet. Please work on your basic obedience first.

I can recommend Parkside Dog training in Ampthill, Adam at Delders Dogs, Kate at The Canine Hub and Tess at Prohound Dog Training for your initial socialisation, teamwork and obedience work, all are local and contact details are in the web links tab. 


Alternatively you might like to book some private lessons if you have already done a bit of agility before, or are already competing in agility and I can slot you in to an exisiting group as and when a space becomes available.



Danny competing in his first season, aged 18 months. He is very focussed and loves playing with his toys as a reward but also loves his special treats too!


Here he is completing a more complex turn and jumping efficiently...