Hoopers is an exciting, fairly new sport that challenges dogs with speed and requires specific skills to ‘beat’ the course.

Hoopers fast and flowing course design encourages dogs to drive forward with speed whilst handlers use cues to get their dog to negotiate the course. Handlers can move with their dog, using physical cues and/or the use of verbal cues to encourage the dog in the direction required. In competition more points can be gained for being a greater distance from your dog at certain points on course.
For both Hoopers and Agility the dogs must enjoy working with the handier. They need to learn to ‘read’ body cues and learn verbal cues to enable them to negotiate courses safely and speedily. Handlers need to know how and when to reward their dogs (harder than it sounds!) to aid accuracy and understanding when learning.

When working through the foundation stages here at Beancroft we will cover all of the above in depth and in stages, building on both dog and handler understanding; developing skills and increasing the complexity of skills and courses as both are ready.
As hoopers equipment does not require the dogs to jump, they can begin training at a younger age than for agility which requires greater physicality.All dogs, whether wishing to learn agility or hoopers have the same introductory sessions initially as the foundation work is the same.

The equipment:

Four main obstacles are used. The hoop and tunnel to run through, the barrel to go around and a mat to run over.

Foundation work with Smartie and Danny: developing obstacle focus, interest and independence.

Spot the cheese! There's a reason this little spaniel loves Hoopers!

I think it might be the amount of cheese and tuggie that he earns so well!