Lots of events are held each year...

Here are just a few photos from 2019's amazing charity fundraising event in aid of DKMS. This wouldn't have been possible without the fabulous support of local dog trainers and club members, huge thanks must go to each and every person who gave so much of their time and expertise and came along to support, thank you all!

Special thanks to:

Natalie Cannon, Craigwarn Gundogs for running the scurries

Becky Harris, Scent Detectives for running Scentwork 'Have A Go'

Jill Clinch for running an Obedience Drop in

Dovart Pet Supplies for sponsoring all of the rosettes and prizes

All of our amazing judges and helpers!





New Year get together; agility and breakfast/coffee/cake/lunch at Maypole Farm

2-3 times monthly foundation agility sessions

Summer: Steeplechase and Agility course running evenings (Thursdays and Weekends)


New Year get together and agility Saturday January 5th

Foundation Weekends

Summer Show

Steeplechase Evenings

Huge fundraising Event for DKMS raising over £2000!


February 3rd Grades 1-5 Course Walking and Running

Summer Steeplechase Evening

December Christmas Fun and Games week beginning 17th 

Christmas/New Year walk in the woods, photo below


December 10th Brewers Fayre Breakfast and walk at Marston Thrift

November 18th Grade 1-2 Course Walking and Running Workshop

October Stop Contact Workshop

Summer Show

Course Walking and Running Events throughout the year

Physio information evening including warm-ups prior to exercise at Davies Referral Vets




Charity Fundraiser alongside Davies' Specialist Vets

"Fitness and Injury Prevention in the Agility Dog"




Monthly Rally training, with Jill Clinch 

Saturday 28th May Beancroft Summer Show, members only 

Christmas Agility Show

Christmas Meal at The Swan In Cranfield

Christmas Walk at Marston Thrift followed by tea, coffee and cake at Brewer's Fayre



September: Agility, HTM and trick workshop with Ashleigh and Pudsey, this was AMAZING! Great fun had by all!

May and July: sprint and running workshop for handlers, trainer was James Ingle and everyone learnt a great deal about how to improve their own style.

Thursdays Course running evenings 

July - Beancroft Summer Show



April Preparing to compete - completing unrehearsed courses'  May Show rehearsal
Practice running courses
May Spring Beancroft Agility Show

Friday 13th June Beancroft Summer Show

June: reward structure - how to get the most out of training your dog, when to reward and what to use


July Beancroft Show

September Agility for Macmillan evening

Saturday 20th December Christmas Agility Show

Santa's Sprint...Christmas Cracker Stakes...Tinsel Team Teaser




Simulated shows, games training - Power & speed, gamblers and snooker, preparing to compete workshops


Ashleigh and Pudsey came along for the day in September 2015 for agility, HTM and trick training, everyone had a great time!


Macmillan Fundraiser raised...£520!!! Thank you to everyone who supported our event and those who were busy at other fundraisers at the same time, every penny makes a difference!

Winter events:


Games class training with a reminder about ettiquette in the ring!


November Gamblers class 

January Snooker class


Remember that games classes are FUN events, the idea is that you enjoy them. Ther are easy to understand and play, honestly!


January 2014:
A series of pre-agility workshops were held monthly for younger or beginner dogs, encouraging dogs to be ready for learning and fun working at agility on the ground!

Learning how to reward and motivate dogs to enable everyone to enjoy agility together!


Past shows include:


October  Agility and Power and Speed classes


December Beancroft Christmas Show - Agility and Snooker classes plus team fun obedience


February - two agility classes and pairs


Our Christmas Show, December 2013 and the February Show 2014, lots of fun had by all!

It's great to see confident partnerships emerging, where dogs and handlers begin to complete more complex courses in a familiar environment and with the distraction of an audience and Sam's brilliant baking stall!