Scentwork Workshops and regular training classes


Scentwork is a great opportunity for your dog to use their incredible sense of smell to solve problems and find hidden scent.

Encouraging your dog to use their nose promotes mental wellbeing in that its what they do naturally in the environment. It has been found to lower cortisol, the stress hormone, and so reduces stress and helps to keep them calm. It can also stimulate yopur dog mentally whilst they are decoding the search area; its good for all ages of dogs to keep their brain active!


Develop your skill in reading your dogs body language to see subtle changes in what they are telling you about the location of the scent.


Wednesdays: afternoon and evening sessions. These classes will take place indoors, based in our seminar room where tea/coffee is available and make for a relaxed training session. We will also make use of the fully enclosed patio area and rough farm training area for specific exercises. Lessons take place alternate Wednesdays which allows you to rehearse at home between sessions in varied environments. Competitions also take place here on a regular basis for those who are particularly keen to compete (you don't have to, that's optional!)


I am keeping a waiting list for new members interested in these classes. Please get in touch to be added to my list. 

Having a clear indication that the scent is in a specific place is a key aspect of scentwork that we work on from the very first lesson. Here is Smartie clearly showing that he knows exactly the source of the scent. 

Some of the Scentwork prizes and awards that Smartie and Danny have won...