Beancroft Agility

Develop the relationship you have with your dog, keep fit and have fun!

Useful web links

Agilitynet for information on all things agility related including show schedules

Active Balance Canine hydrotherapy and physio

The Kennel Club - governing body of KC agility competitions

ISS - online show entries (fantastic and well worth registering for!)

UKA - A well run alternative competitive organisation where you can train in the actual ring or run for competition

Agility warehouse - for useful dog equipment online

RVA agility equipment

Dog Holidays - Dawn's holiday dog care and doggy day care / walking nr. Marson Moreteyne, highly recommended

Labrador rescue - South East and Central, if you are looking for a new dog and are considering a rescue please look here first

Borderpride Show and Agility Dogs

Camddwr Canine - for all great doggy products


Laverock holiday cottages, best place to take your doggies on holiday! Great indoor agility available too!

Lyndonville, yet another good place to take your dogs on holiday! Lots of availability this year as only just become available!  

Downsview Park - guess what? Another dog friendly place with agility available too! 

Bowerland cottages - another great holiday location for you and the dogs, fab agility available too :) 

Katrina Wilson Photography, wonderful photo shoots for your pets 

Danny working in the pool at Maria's (Active Balance, see above) and working on developing core strenth through balance and proprioception work. I take him to Maria's every 3-4 weeks throughout the year as she helps keep him balanced and checks him over thoroughily, an important part of keeping him fit and healthy long term! 

Photos of my dogs from our photoshoot with Katrina...

I couldn't recommend her highly enough, Katrina is calm, patient, knowledgeable and understanding when it comes to working with your pets and finding the right environment for some great shots. The photos are soon sent for you to browse through and she provides an excellent service for printing or sending digitally!

Betsy in the weaves, she has great weave action!

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